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Al Zaman: Timeless Elegance Encapsulated


Al Zaman Oud by AL MU'ATTAR is a sophisticated fragrance that masterfully blends rich amber and balsamic notes with warm spicy and animalic undertones. Enhanced by fresh, powdery, and white floral accords, it features the elegance of lily of the valley and the sweetness of vanilla. The luxurious scent is rounded out with green and seductive nuances, creating a high-grade fragrance that exudes strength and elegance. This unique creation by our brand is designed to leave a lasting impression.


Crafted for those who appreciate the enduring allure of classic scents, Al Zaman seamlessly blends the rich depth of Oud with the warm vibrancy of saffron, the delicate sweetness of honey, and the subtle romance of rose. This exquisite composition is further refined with hints of musk and a fresh undertone, creating a sophisticated aroma that captivates and lingers.


Al Zaman is not just a fragrance; it's an homage to the timeless traditions of perfumery, designed to transcend the fleeting trends and anchor itself as a staple in the collection of the discerning. Whether for a special occasion or daily refinement, Al Zaman offers a scent that complements and elevates any moment.


  • For those who appreciate a fragrance that is long-lasting, fresh, luxurious, and of the highest grade, Al Zaman Oud by AL MU'ATTAR is an exceptional choice. Its unique blend of premium ingredients ensures a scent experience that is both powerful and sophisticated, truly a cut above the rest.

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