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Introducing "Black Oud" by Al Mu'attar, a fragrance that marries the enchanting notes of smoky oud, delicate rose, and warm spices. This captivating scent opens with a rich woody base, complemented by the floral embrace of rose and a hint of warm spice. The accords of oud, rose, and warm spices harmonize to create a musky, sophisticated trail. Immerse yourself in the simplicity and opulence of "Black Oud," a fragrance that leaves a lasting impression with its woody, rosy, and warm spicy accords.

Black Oud

  • "Black Oud" is tailored for those seeking a touch of luxury. Ideal for woody enthusiasts 🌲, this fragrance elevates your experience beyond the ordinary. Perfect for lovers of 'Black Oud,' it is a cut above the rest, ensuring sophistication in every note.

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